Track Object


When you retrieve a Track, you get the following object:

    "id": "",
    "outer_id": "",
    "catalog_ids": [
    "primary_media": ""

This is the minimal schema, but you could decide to get more outputs for each entry. In this case, the object could be such as the following:

    "id": "",
    "outer_id": "",
    "catalog_ids": "",
    "primary_media": "",
    "title": "",
    "isrc": "",
    "lyrics": "",
    "release_date": "",
    "albums": [],
    "artists": [],
    "customer_tags": [],
    "products": [],
    "logs": [],
    "references": []


KeyValue TypeDescriptionOutput
idstringMusimap Internal Unique Identifier for this entry.
outer_idstringYour own unique identifier for this entry.
catalog_idslistA list of all catalogs that contain this entry.
primary_mediastringThe AWS S3 FileURI that is used for this entry.
titlestringIf any, the title of this entry.details,all
isrcstringIf any, the ISRC related to this entry.details,all
lyricsstringif any, the lyrics related to this entry.details,all
release_datestringif any, the date of release for this entry.details,all
albumslistif any, a list of all albums that contain this entry.details,all
artistslistif any, a list of all artists that contribute to this entry.details,all
customer_tagslistif any, a list of your own tags you would like us to save.details,all
productslistif any, a list of the Musimap products that support this entry.products,all
logslistA list of all the events that have impacted this entry.logs,all
referenceslistif any, a list of references related to this entry.references,all

Product Object

The products are related to a specific entry. It uses the primary_media to first analyze the audio file, then compute the product itself (musimatch or musimotion).

Therefore, an entry could be analyzed but not available yet.

productmusimatch or musimotionThe product that needs to be licensed.
versionv2.1 or v1.4The version of the product. Should be valide while associated with a product.
statuspending, failed or successpending if the entry is being processed. failed or success depending on the analysis.
availabletrue or falseWhether this entry is fully available for the related product.
available_attimestamp (ms)Timestamp related to the last update of available.
status_attimestamp (ms)Timestamp related to the last update of status.