Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access your Web API?

You need to register your organization. Please contact us as long as we don't go public.

Do you need to access our audio files for me to get results?

Depending on the products you are licensed to, we may require a physical access to your audio file for us to analyze them. Once this first analysis is performed, we don't need your audio files anymore and we may delete them if you want us to do so.

Are the files I send you securely stored?

All your assets are saved in an Amazon S3 Bucket that provide us with a full security. Only you and us are having access to it and we never share your assets with anybody else without your consent.

What kind of audio files do you support?

We do support the following formats: .mpg, .mpeg, .mp2, .mp3, .m4a, .aif, .aiff, .ogg, .wav and .flac.

While there are no limitations in term of size during an ingestion, our interfaces and API only allow a maximum of 30MB.

The duration of the file should be between 15 seconds and 20 minutes per audio file. Note that both the quality and duration could alter the results of our analysis.

Could I share my credentials for other partners to upload assets?

You should never share your credentials. In order to have a unique delivery service, we advise you to build a proxy that will receive all your assets from the different services before unifiying them and ingesting them in our infrastructure. Your proxy could add some operations and redirect any ingestion to a specific catalogue for example, based on a different ingestion. By doing so, only your proxy needs the credentials while your partners could use any other authentication.

Technical Documentation

A full documentation of all our endpoints and parameters is available by using the following link:


For all technical support needs, please contact our Customer Operations team via Zendesk.

For general inquiries, please see our contact page.